Communicable Disease Prevention Plan for Brechin United Church – 2020 Estevan Road

The BC Center for Disease Control no longer has any restrictions on mask wearing, group size or
immunization requirements for Communities of Faith.
The focus is no longer on the prevention of COVID19, but on the prevention of all communicable
Good health practices are encouraged at all times. These include individuals taking responsibility

for their own health and only attending group gatherings when they are in good health.
Good health practices also include frequent hand washing, thorough cleaning of premises and

diligent food safe practices.
As caring members of our Community of Faith, we will support all those who wish to

continue to wear masks when meeting with others in a group setting.
Because the new building at 2020 Estevan has high ceilings and good air circulation,

we feel we no longer need to be as restrictive as we were when worshipping at Sands.
Therefore, the safety policy at Brechin will be as follows:

  • Everyone attending an event at Brechin United Church must be in good health.
  • All those attending must take responsibility for their own good health, including vaccination
    status, mask wearing and physical distancing as they feel appropriate. 
  • Good health practices also include frequent handwashing, sneezing/coughing into your sleeve,
    and safe food handling practices.

December 15, 2022