Expressions of Interest:

As of March 1/21 the Property Resource Team of the Pacific Mountain Region is accepting expressions of interest for those enquiring about renting an apartment in our new Redevelopment project on Estevan Road. Please do not contact the Brechin United Church office, as Don Evans is the contact person using the following contact information:                                or (604) 431-0434 (ext. 6589) or 1-800-934-0434 (ext. 6589)


Redevelopment Update August 18, 2021 

Work continues on some of the ‘unseen’ portions of our project. In the past month, progress has been made on interiors of suites. Drywall is completed on many units, exterior doors and windows are mostly installed. Much of the infrastructure such as HVAC and sprinkler systems has been installed. Air tightness testing continues on different portions of the residential portion of the building. 

Interior of Unit 408 

The contractors report that the roof weather-proofing has been completed and the building will now be protected when our rain returns to the island! There had been weathering of some of the exposed wooden beams in the church portion of the building. The beams and ceilings in sanctuary and in both Multi-Purpose rooms have been refinished and a fire retardant coating has been applied. Now the ceiling and beams look great. 

We should see installation of exterior cladding in September. This will change the whole appearance of the building. Manufactured items such as the elevator are in production schedule and should be available when needed for installation. So things are moving along, and we should see more visual signs in the next month. 

Submitted by Randy Manikel on behalf of the Redevelopment Team