We are delighted to report that Brechin United Church was named the Judges’ Choice Best Overall winner in the 16th Annual Vancouver Island Real Estate Board Commercial Building Awards on April 6th, 2023 at the Coast Bastion Hotel. Brechin United Church was also named the Award of Excellence winner in the Green & Sustainability category. 

April 2024: As requested, we submitted our list of deficiencies to the builder following one year of occupancy. The work is currently in progress, the most significant item being the installation of the partition wall between the Birch and Cedar rooms. At a meeting with the Pacific Mountain Region this month, Council was informed of efforts being made to transfer the title for Brechin United Church back to the congregation. We continue to enjoy our beautiful space as do many outside groups from the community.

Respectfully submitted by Val Neilson on behalf of the Redevelopment Team