Redevelopment update December 4, 2022

Great news! The occupancy permit was issued for our new building on Thursday,
November 24 th . Hand over of the building happened on Monday, November 28 th
followed by a full day of training sessions on the 29 th to learn more about the new
The piano has been moved in, and the contents of Brechin House will be moved
on Thursday, December 8 th . This will be a busy time for the office so we ask
patience with admin operations as Cindy and Tif change location.
Our final service at Sands will be held on December 11 th and we express heartfelt
thanks to our friends at Sands for their generosity over the past four and a half
years. The first Sunday worship service held at 2020 Estevan will be on
December 18 th at 10:30am.
Getting moved in and settled will be a months long process. We are attempting to
identify priorities and ask for patience and understanding. This is an exciting
phase of our journey and we want to enjoy what we can, rather than place
impossibly high expectations on ourselves.
Many thanks to all who are working extra hard at this time.

Redevelopment update (November 17, 2022): 

TLHS (our builders) is targeting November 28th as the date that an occupancy permit will be issued and Brechin could actually take possession of the new space.  There may still be minor work to do after that date, as well as appliances and equipment that still need to be installed. Based on this information we are hopeful that we could move into the new space sometime in early December. 

On walking by recently, I noticed the security fencing has been removed and the landscaping looks to be complete. There is exterior signage for the church on both the Brechin and Estevan sides of the property. Efforts are being made to book movers for the piano/organ/Brechin House contents, purchase book shelving, transport the newly made furniture for the worship space as well as numerous ‘behind the scenes’ tasks. 

There is a schedule for ‘systems training’ in the new space on Tuesday, November 29th. All who are interested in being oriented or simply learning how things will work in the building are welcome to attend. These responsibilities (and the excitement quite frankly) should not be left to just a few Brechin folk.

Please contact Val Neilson ( if you are interested and able to attend. We are approaching the finish line, and ask for even more patience and grace in the coming weeks. 

Submitted by Val Neilson on November 17, 2022

Redevelopment Team Report for Brechin Council - October 20, 2022

The opening of an onsite First Services office was delayed and should be happening this month.
We had our deficiencies walk through on October 5th. I recall eight Brechin members in attendance along with project managers and an architect from VIA.

We have received by email the list of deficiencies identified that day.

Again, our occupancy will be dependent on the city approval and

issuing of a permit.

There will be two days of training for understanding the various systems in the
building, such as security, heating, lighting, audio/visual, etc. This will happen in
November and several people will be invited to attend. The A/V expert will be
onsite on October 20th to ‘try out’ the system and see what has been installed to

Randy will be there for sure, and he has invited a couple of others. Some of
us from council will hopefully join them after our meeting.
The space is incredible. On our walk through on the 5th, we were all taken with
how amazing it is already. We can’t wait to share it with everyone!

Respectfully submitted,
Val Neilson co-chair