June 28, 2020:

 REDEVELOPMENT REPORT TO COUNCIL FOR JUNE 2020:We were informed last week of a change in personnel on the Region's Property Resource Team. Terry Harrison is no longer with the Region and our new liaison person is Don Evans.  We met with Don and Treena Duncan by Zoom on June 22nd and feel he is experienced and qualified to work with Brechin going forward.  His background is finance and more recently he has worked with non-profits such as First United in Vancouver, Our Place in Victoria and the Bethlehem Retreat Centre.There are delays on the project and the building will not be completed in the timeline we have previously reported.  It will be at least spring of 2021 before we will move in.  Colliers, BC Housing and the Region are all working hard to address the delays.  They are committed to seeing the project through and all have an interest in a timely completion of the building.

Respectfully submitted,

Val Neilson and Randy Manikel

2018-01-03  City of Nanaimo Brechin Development Permit Application: