Expressions of Interest:

As of March 1/21 the Property Resource Team of the Pacific Mountain Region is accepting expressions of interest for those enquiring about renting an apartment in our new Redevelopment project on Estevan Road. Please do not contact the Brechin United Church office, as Don Evans is the contact person using the following contact information:                                       

[email protected] or (604) 431-0434 (ext. 6589) or 1-800-934-0434 (ext. 6589)


Since our update last month, there have been two opportunities to be ‘on site’. On March 24th the Brechin Redevelopment Team and several folk on the Property Planning Team met at the site for a tour. We restricted our time to walking through the church space only. It was a very worthwhile exercise in terms of imagining how our ministries might be carried out in specific rooms and spaces. We discovered some needed changes and thankfully at this stage we were able to identify them. On March 30th a few of us were back on site to specifically address audio/visual components. This is a highly technical area and we are doing our best to ensure Brechin receives a ‘user friendly’ up to date system.

In addition to site visits there are ongoing virtual meetings with Don Evans. On April 12th there was a Zoom meeting to address the Security System for the building. And I thought the A/V meeting was technical! We are endeavouring to keep our space both secure and welcoming. There is a scheduled meeting on April 15th with the Vancouver team to address a variety of questions we have regarding design materials, WiFi, built-ins, choir risers, interior and exterior signage and more.

Submitted by Val Neilson