On November 5th, the co-chairs of the BUC Redevelopment Team (Randy Manikel and Val Neilson) attended a one-hour Zoom meeting with Treena Duncan (PMR Executive Minister) and Don Evans (our redevelopment liaison with the Region). The following is a summary of our discussion:
The original contractor was unable to meet the financial obligations related to the project and is no longer on the job. There are outstanding bills and sub-contractors to be paid before construction can continue. Knappett has done interim work while quotes are being considered for completion of the project.
BC Housing is still funding the project. Once they have agreed to a final price and contractor, the money owing will be paid and construction will resume.
The planned tenancy mix required by BC Housing is 30% affordable (under BC Housing definition) 50% rent geared to income and 20% subsidized for folks on social assistance.
All negotiated and discussed details of the church space are unchanged.
We are committed to sharing whatever updates we have in a timely way. We recognize this has been a long stretch without new information and appreciate your patience.



2018-01-03  City of Nanaimo Brechin Development Permit Application: