Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Mission Statement: At Brechin United Church, we seek to know God as shown to us through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  We endeavour to nurture spiritual development and growth, and to be a just and loving example of service and discipleship that reaches out to all creation.

Affiming Vision Statement:  As an Affirming Ministry we boldly declare that we fully welcome and include the full participation of all people in the life and work of the Ministry as we journey together, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, age, marital status, mental or physical ability, beliefs, cultural backgrounds, or economic circumstance.  We are dedicated to being good stewards of God's world, working and living towards justice and wholeness for all God's people.

Core Values Statement:  

As people loved by God and as followers of Jesus We:

  • practice hospitality by welcoming and accepting all who come to Brechin
  • grow in our Christian faith through meaningful worship, music, prayer and learning opportunities
  • nurture our faith community with care, mutual respect, commitment, honesty, forgiveness and hope
  • reach out with love and justice to the wider local community and to the world.