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Thursday Afternoon Study Group - a new weekly study series begins on April 4, 2019, 1:30pm, at Brechin House (945 Waddington Road, Nanaimo).  "Quest for Respect" is a selection of essays by various authors, Indigenous and Settler, that are attentive to the concerns of Indigenous peoples from across the country as part of an effort to address Canada's Truth & Reconciliation Commission's recommendations to all churches and faith groups.  Key questions that the TRC's call raises include:  What is Indigenous spirituality, and why is it critical for Settler Christians to learn about it?  What is the history of Indigenous-Christian encounter?  How does spiritual abuse and violence continue today?  How might we repair the damage done?  And what does genuine respect really look like?  The study sessions are facilitated by Rev. Gwen Boyd. 
Please note:  Participants require a copy of "Quest for Respect:  The Church and Indigenous Spirituality."  Copies are available from the church office at $11.00 each.  Please contact Brechin's Office Administrator at 250-745-9212 or email [email protected] to reserve a copy.  Everyone is invited to participate regardless of ability to pay for a copy of the book.  Please contact Rev. Sally if this is at all an issue for you ([email protected]).