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On Pentecost Sunday, May 23 rd 2021 the new Brechin logo was presented to the Congregation.
After a three month search for a design project, the council approved this logo to represent our
faith community. The original design was created by Taryn Peterson. Her imagination captured
the essence of our Christ centered community, one that welcomes all people and is surrounded
by a rainbow of promise. We extend our gratitude to Taryn for this inspiration. We also want to
acknowledge the artistic ability of Alyssa Johnson at print three, for her patience in refining the
design for Brechin United to use as a logo.
The cross of Christ forms the center of this image, as we are people loved by God and followers
of Jesus the Christ. The rainbow swirls around the cross, reminding us of God’s presence always.
The six colours of the rainbow represent the LGBTQ2S+ community and our Affirming
Ministry. The LGBT symbols are Red for life; Orange for healing; Yellow for the sun; Green for
nature; Royal blue for harmony and Violet for Spirit. The five figures represent our community
of faith and comes from our previous Brechin logo. All people are welcome to participate in the
life and work of our Ministry. The water symbol reminds us of our baptism, our concern for the
environment and our home in Nanaimo.
All these symbols are collected under the umbrella of Brechin United Church. An umbrella is a
symbol of protection and safety. Brechin United Church is a designated Affirming Ministry. Our
Mission Statement and Core Values Statement explain who we are through words. May this
graphic symbol also remind us of who we are and whose we are.
As our Brechin redevelopment continues we hope this logo will promote public identification of
who we are and what we can offer as a community of faith. Thank you for supporting this project
and please use this logo whenever and wherever you can.
May God continue to bless our journey together. Written by Peggy Jensen