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October 31, 2020 Update:

Hello, everyone. 


Thank you to those who have been in touch; checking in and letting us know how you’re doing, or letting us know you are ready to help others with errands or anything they need.  Thinking of you all, and hoping you're finding the next steps you need to take, and staying well. 


These have been hectic and confusing months, but it has been truly inspiring to see how people have drawn together in creative ways to be the church!  You've shared thoughtful and beautiful reflections with one another, and become so much more careful with all of our actions. 


The Pacific Mountain Region of the United Church is wanting to make sure their contact lists are all up to date.  If you want to receive any information directly from them on the church response to COVID-19, or future events, please send them your information via this link


One article they recently posted on their site is titled “Supporting One Another in Times of Traumatic Events’.  Rev. Diane Strickland gives us some great advice for responding to one another while such a large-scale, stressful event is taking place:


Are you interested in attending a different church service online this coming Sunday?  Here are a few options for you:


Worship with the Moderator:

·      Oak Bay United Church (Victoria BC) 10am PST  Facebook Live Stream: You do NOT need a Facebook account to follow along!

·      Highlands United Church, North Vancouver  —

·      Trinity United Church, Prince George —

·      Cadboro Bay United Church, Victoria BC: Sermon Podcasts (uploaded on Monday mornings)

·      FirstMetropolitan United Church, Victoria BC: Live Stream 11am Sunday Worship


A note from Loaves and Fishes Food Bank: 


During these challenging times, Nanaimo Loaves & Fishes Food Bank is kindly asking the community to remember those who are unable to bulk buy or stockpile food.  Any support with food or money donations is needed and appreciated.


Please consider dropping food off at the Nanaimo warehouse location - 210 Fry Street - Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Financial donations can be sent directly online to:


Thank you for supporting those in need in our community.



Connecting with Brechin: 


-There will be an email every Friday afternoon with any updates and links. 


-We are establishing a ‘coffee and check in’: We will have a time to gather as a community by ‘Zoom’: this will be a time for prayer and reflection, and checking in with one another.  The Zoom link and instructions for using it will be included in the Friday email and posted under Events on this website. 


-We have established a YouTube channel, where all the Mid-island churches are going to share information and spiritual reflections:

There’s not much on there yet!  But there will be soon, so ‘subscribe’ to this channel or keep this link handy for the future. 


-Continue to check the website and "Brechin United Church" Facebook page, where there will be frequent new reflections and information posted. 


-We’re establishing a phone tree and we’re continuing to check in with one another, so if you need anything, or just want to chat, do be in touch with the pastoral care team or with Tif! 


With every blessing,