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Our 3:30 pm Tuesday afternoon check in group on Zoom has been a place to gather each week to hear from one another, and share how things are going for us. We'll be changing things up a little bit on July 27th, by hosting a guest who will guide us in our conversation. 

Brechin's Pastoral Care Team has secured a ProVision grant to host a deep and wide variety of guest speakers over the coming months to support us in emerging from the precautions and changes of covid-19. Is there a topic you would like to focus on in a group, in worship, or a special event? Let us know! 

The link for our Tuesday gatherings is distributed every Monday by email; if you don't receive that email and would like to attend please contact the office. 

Join Psychologist Pamela Moskie for a presentation on how to process personal and collective impacts from the covid 19 pandemic.  Pamela will share insight from her clinical practice which is grounded in honoring the depth and complexity of all human experience.  From a variety of psychological and philosophical lenses we will explore the "dark" and "light" that has resulted from the pandemic experience and how to move forward with these aspects integrated within us. 

About Pamela: Pamela has worked in human services for almost 25 years and has been a clinical psychologist for the last decade in Camrose, Alberta.  She has been a student of the Enneagram for 20 years and has taught it at beginner and advanced levels for ten years.  She has taught yoga throughout Alberta for 20 years and blends psychospiritual principles into every class.  Pamela comes to the human experience through the perspectives of many psychological and philosophical lenses including depth, transpersonal and body centered psychotherapy and includes a multitude of approaches in every workshop. 

For an example of Pamela's perspectives, here's a blog she wrote this spring about the one-year mark of the pandemic's effects in our communities: