SPARK: a new opportunity to gather, share a passion, exchange information, and grow in spirit.

When?: 10:00-11:30 a.m. the first Thursday of each month.

Where?: Brechin House, 945 Waddington Road.

What?: A facilitated gathering to highlight an article or book read, a video or documentary watched. Each participant who wishes to share will have approximately five minutes to highlight their "offering" to the group. Why?: Some folks have something to share, others are looking to be fed...either/or it is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a small group setting where new ideas and options to engage are welcomed and good conversation is anticipated. The coffee pot will be on and the kettle boiled (and there just may be a tasty treat from time to time). For more information contact Joan Hunting, Chair, Mission & Outreach Leadership Team (250-758-7086) or Marg Barrie (250-816-3347).

Discussions during Spark gatherings are wide ranging, led by the items of interest brought forward by the participants. We encourage others to explore the following books, articles and media.  See attachments.