Labyrinth Walks 

We have monthly labyrinth walks to various labyrinths on Vancouver Island.

We have visited the Therapeutic Equine Labyrinth & Medicine Horses, Providence Farm Labyrinth, Chemainus Labyrinth, and private labyrinths in Cedar and Nanaimo.

Please check the weekly bulletin and announcements for dates and times.

Finger Labyrinths

If you have some time?? You might want to try a finger labyrinth. Using a finger labyrinth can offer calming, relaxing, meditative, healing and spiritual benefits.

Labyrinths can offer a time and space to notice your thoughts, your feelings, what your body is telling you and your connections with yourself, others, the world and what you hold sacred. And right now, it’s something to do??

“There is no right way or wrong way. There is just your way.”

And it’s easy!

All you have to do is put our finger in the space, at the bottom of the finger labyrinth on the right of the center line. Follow the pathway between the lines with your finger until you reach the centre. When you get to the centre, you can take a few minutes to centre, let go of the thoughts of the day and find quiet and stillness. Then follow the same path back out.

If it feels comfortable, indicate some form of thank you for your experience.

Enjoy the journey!!


See Finger Labyrinth below as attachment: