The Going Deeper Group at Brechin United Church is still thinking – because we can!  And I think these times take us deeper and get us thinking more about our lives and our spirituality.  As always, the questions keep coming.  Why is this happening?  How is “the Great Mystery” working here – or is it?  At one level, we definitely see it, amidst all the merk, as we connect, in new ways, with our families and friends.  As we see all our brave health care givers, first responders and community members giving of themselves for others, for us.  As we see governments, businesses and community groups working together to mitigate this crisis.

But when we confront our own fears and insecurity in this unique time, there is another question there.  How could the loving, caring, ever-present universal energy let this happen?


Maybe it’s a question we can’t answer – may never be able to answer – are incapable of answering?  That’s a hard one for me!  I love to make sense of things and right now – I can’t.  Not with my mind. - - - But with my heart, I sense that there is something deeper going on, some energy, beyond our understanding.  We may never understand!  But we can trust, hope and open ourselves to the unfathomable love that moves in, around and through us.


That’s all I have.



What do you think?

We hope you will let us know, on this blog and we’ll continue the discussion!

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