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Attached at the bottom of this post is a PDF which, if you download or print it, provides the scripture readings for each day of Holy Week and a bit of a guide for reflection.

If you check back to the Youtube Channel, each day there will be a recording of the scripture for the day, and a prayer:

The question I asked myself in writing the first few days was what never really fits in a sermon that leaps out at me in this text? Combine this question with the unique wilderness that has been Lent 2020, and you get some rather curious thoughts. I'm curious to hear what stirs in you in response. 

Thursday at 4 pm we will gather via Zoom for an Agape Meal; this requires only what you have on hand, whatever you happen to be interested in eating in one another's company, with prayer. If you're curious about the ancient history of Agape meals, check out this link:

After Thursday, this guide pairs prayer and poetry with our scripture. Friday and Sunday we will have videos of worship prepared to share together, which will be posted to both the Youtube page and our 'worship' page here, under 'online church', and Saturday there will be another post in this Minister's Musings space. 

In this Holy Week, in every week which is in its own way holy, we are not alone! Thanks be to God. 


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